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Network - Development - Systems

Brings a vast array of remote satellite and mission critical data services deployment experience learned from over 14 years of telecommunications engineering experience. Software development is both a passion and skill which has developed through personal and professional projects. Gained a strong basis in software/computer systems through earning a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with Digital Design emphasis in 2003.

My Skills

  • Backend Programming: Node.js, PHP, Python, Shell, Matlab
  • Frontend Programming: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ember, Meteor, Angular
  • Database: MySQL, MongoDB
  • Network: Cisco Systems (CCNA), x86 based (BSD) Routing, Juniper Networks
  • Microwave: Harris Stratex, RAD Datacom, Ericsson, Motorola
  • Datacom: DS-1, DS-3, SONET, ATM, ISDN, Frame Relay, OC-x
  • Test Equipment: Agilent, Anritsu, Hewlett-Packard, Rhode & Schwartz
  • Power Measurement: Agilent, Hewlett-Packard, Anritsu
  • Field Equipment: Fluke Networks, JDSU, Paladin Tools, TerraWave
  • Satellite Hubs: Romantis (UHP), iDirect, ViaSat (Linkway)
  • SSPA/TWT Equipment: Comtech EF Data, Paradise, Maxtech
  • Multiplexors: Coastcom (DI/III), RAD Data Communications, Adtran Inc.
  • Fiber Optics: PPM UK/Vialite (L-Band Fiber), FoxCom (70MHz Fiber)
  • Frequency Converters: Comtech EF Data, Mitech, Paradise, Vertex
  • iDirect Hub Systems: iDS 6.1 to iDX 3.2 w/ Spread Spectrum COTM
  • Satellite modems: Comtech CDM, Paradise
  • M and C: AI Scout, DPS KDA/Router, Open Source Tools
  • Antenna Technology: Panasonic Avionics, EMS/Honeywell, AVL
  • Link Budget: LST5, SatMaster Pro, Proprietary SW (GCI and Panasonic)
  • Cancellation Technology: DoubleTalk® (Comtech), PCMA® (ViaSat)

Personal Info

  • NameBrian Baker
  • Age
  • Phone(949)973-1167
  • Freelance:Available
  • Interests/Projects:

    • MyIQhome:
           A cloud based platform where users can interface with remote        devices.These devices are embedded linux machines which can
           control a variety of things from garage doors to light switches.
           Basically it's my own internet of things.
  • • Robotics and Digital Autonomous Systems
  • • BMW M3 Tuning and Track Racing
  • • Home Automation

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Full Stack Development
  • Node.js, Angular, PHP, python

  • MongoDB, MySQL

Electrical Engineering
  • Satellite Network Engineering

  • Microwave Design

  • Installation/Tech support

IP network design
  • CCNA



2013 - Present

Private Corporation

Software Developer/Architect

• Served in a consultant role to develop a proprietary satellite network application.

• Designed application and led a small team of developers to write phase I. Phase I included:

   - Based on node.js.

   - Interfaces with Satellite Network system API.

   - Interfaces with several webservices via SOAP and REST.

• Took on responsibility of both designer and developer for phase II of the application to improve and continue the project.

   - Converted from SOAP to purely REST.

   - Added API’s for interfacing with other applications.

   - Added mongoDB for network performance metrics.

   - Added customer front end based on Angular.js.

2011 - 2013

Panasonic Avionics

Satellite Network Engineer

• Served as a Lead Satellite Engineer at the request of the Panasonic Avionics Executive Team.

• Responsible for the design and subsequent successful implementation of the Global Communications Suite (GCS) initiative at Panasonic Avionics Corporation.

• Escalation point for performance reviews to find tough and/or systemic issues across the network.

• Worked closely with antenna engineers to diagnose and resolve design issues, which adversely affect network performance.

• Developed and implemented test specifications and strategy for bleeding edge in flight satellite network based on iDirect equipment including Panasonic EP-100 iDirect VSAT modem.

• Coordinated with partners and vendors to ensure Panasonic Avionics specifications were met on time and within budgetary constraints.

• Senior Engineer responsible for daily technical guidance to team of junior support engineers.

• Traveled to various International locations to assist Panasonic Avionics with the successful rollout of new ground sites as well as remote(aircraft) sites.

• Provided Tier IV support to technical field personnel installing and maintaining complex aircraft based satellite equipment.

• Managed space segment allocation and utilization across 11 satellites.

• Produced, implemented and analyzed map files and link budgets using proprietary software developed for Panasonic.

• Served as a high level technical contact for Senior Panasonic Executive team on an array of initiatives.

2001 - 2010

General Communications Inc

RF/Satellite Engineer

• Design, implementation and operation of internet and microwave networks all over Alaska.

• Principal engineer on a bleeding edge, next generation SCPC platform spanning 150 rural Alaskan communities and 13 C band transponders (Galaxy 18).

• Directed and Managed SCPC platform space segment resource allocations, totaling more than 1.8MM USD in monthly capacity costs.

• Developed Capital Project Allocation Requests (CPAR) for new equipment and major repairs/upgrades to GCI Satellite and Microwave Networks.

• Produced and validated installation specification documents and drawings for Radio Frequency (Satellite and Microwave) and IP Data Networks.

• Responsible for designing, testing, and implementation of 155 mbps Full Duplex IP circuit utilizing 36 MHz transponder based on next generation Comtech EFData Modem Technologies (Fastest known IP Throughput over single transponder at installation in the world).

• Responsible Technical Contact for all Comtech EF Data system testing done at GCI.

• Directed and coordinated testing activities to ensure vendor compliance within GCI specifications and project requirements.

• Provided training to field technicians on testing procedures to ensure new and used equipment performed to vendor specifications.

• Directed all new circuit provisioning, while coordinating design for long haul data circuits.

• Oversaw project implementation efforts to ensure projects were completed satisfactorily, on time, and within budgetary constraints.

• Provided Tier IV support to technical field personnel installing and maintaining complex remote satellite networks.

• Directed setup, testing, and integration of disaster mitigation and response strategies during rouge satellite anomaly (Galaxy 15 – 2009).

• Served as the back up point of contact on all iDirect, Linkway S2, and Scientific Atlanta DAMA platforms on the GCI satellite network.


Cisco Certified Network Associate

Earned CCNA certification.

Cisco Systems Inc.
2001 - 2003
Electrical Engineering

BSEE - Emphasis in Digital Design with a minor in Mathematics.

University of Alaska Fairbanks
1999 - 2001
Electrical Engineering

School of Electrical Engineering

University of Alaska Anchorage
1998 - 1999
Electrical Engineering

School of Electrical Engineering

University of Nevada Reno
1997 - 1998
Electrical Engineering

School of Electrical Engineering

Montana State University - Bozeman


My Location

Las Vegas, NV

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